We are Back!!!

We are back from VEGAS!! It was so nice to get away but I have to say that it wasn't the best vacation we have ever taken :( My poor little Cj got food poisoning (McDonalds Chicken Sandwhich) extremely bad and we ended up spending a whole day locked away in the hotel room while cj kept his head in the toilet. He did manage to feel good enough to go to the Criss Angel Cirque du Soliel show, which was a total let down as well :( After seeing KA, O, and Phantom of the Opera i was so excited to see this show, especially since Wade Robson was the choreographer, but in the end i really was disappointed in the whole thing!! We gambled a little here and there, and i got pretty good at the Roulette table but it was hard to focus on the game with all those hott ladies dancing on the tables...NOT!! Seriously there was this one chick that had to be somebodys grandma that was up there dancing in her bra and panties!! it was nasty :O

Overalll it was really nice to get away but we definitly will have to take antoher trip to vegas to make up for this one!!

We're off to VeGaS!

Our VeGaS VaCaTiOn is finally here. We leave today after work! We are going down with two couples and looking forward to having a great time! We are staying in St. George tonight and then we'll be in VeGaS tomorrow morning until Monday evening. We'll be staying for the first time in the Luxor Hotel, and while we are there we'll be seeing the Criss Angel Believe show with Cirque Du Soleil. We'll also be doing some shopping, eating at some fun restaurants like The Cheese Factory, Benihana, and enjoying some warmer weather! =) We'll be sure to post some pics of our fun VeGaS VaCaTiOn when we get back!

GoOd TiMes.GoOd TiMes.

Good times, good times! I had so much fun this weekend hanging out with my girly friends at Bostons!! We went to dinner just to catch up and see what everyone was up to and we ended up having a little bit more fun than planned! Kristi licked my face, candace got an extra large drink to start off the night and we all just BS'ed all night long!! I am so lucky to have such great girlfriends. We were all so close in high school and we promised to stay that way long after. Going on 4 years of graduation alot of us are married, have kids, going to school, or have moved away, but we still have dinner once a month to catch up. I sometimes dont see my friends for weeks or months and as soon as we get together it feels like we have never been apart!! I love my girls!!


For our date night this week we went to Chili's and had the best dinner ever!! And then went to the Movies! We decided to see that movie Eagle Eye with Shia LaBeouf or however you spell his name. We had heard mixed reviews about the movie but we went into it open minded! It was jam packed with action and ended nicley. Would i say it was the best movie i have ever seen...No. (The notebook is the best movie i have ever seen) Would i recommend it to my neighbor...Yes. I totally suggest seeing this movie. It has a great start, middle, and end and is just a good movie to watch!! If you ever need movie advice give me and CJ a buzz, i think we see almost every movie out there, we are total MOVIE BUFFS!!

Snow boots,CHECK. Gloves,CHECK. Ready for winter,NO CHECK!!

I am sure that many of you woke up to the same crazy morning that me and cj did :) Snow on the ground, snow in the air, snow everywhere! I cant believe that it has snowed this much and it is only October 12th! I am so not ready for winter to be here, i want to enjoy a little bit more fall. Ok, to be honest i hate the winter and i am really very angry that there is snow on the ground, i want to cry like a little girl! Please let the fall come back and let this be just a freak snow storm!! Not to mention that since we have DISH we cant watch TV!! AHHHHHHHH, i hate the snow!!

My 25th Birthday!

My wonderful wife treated me like a King on my birthday! It all started out by waking up to waffles and eggs for breakfast before I headed out to work. She even decorated the house with fun "Happy Birthday" signs and balloons. She had 13 bags which spelled out Happy Birthday and without me really being much help to tell her what I wanted, she was able to come up with things I needed and wanted but never even asked for! Later that night we went out to dinner at the amazing Olive Garden which was fantastic. Then we picked up a movie snack my mom made for us and then we went to the Megaplex to see Ghost Town. It was one of the BEST movies I've seen in a long time, and we both really really loved it. It was so funny! (If you like The Office, it's has that kind of humor). I just wanted to thank my beautiful wife for a great birthday, I appreciate all the effort she put into making it a memorable birthday! I love you!

25 Years old!! WOW!!

A long, long, time ago, 25 years to be exact. Ann & Jeff waited patiently for the arrival of their first son. After having two beautiful girls, lets say their names are...umm...Kari and Kaycee, they couldn't wait to throw a boy into the mix. After being pregnant for nine months Ann couldn't wait to get this wild child out!

That special time came for this sweet little boy to be born on October 10th at 7:59 pm. He weighed in at 7 pounds exactly and was 20 1/2 inches long! He had bright blue eyes (that's my favorite thing about him), a sweet smile, and soft skin. Cj was a great baby and has grown into an even better man. He now has rough man skin that shows he works hard, a smile that lets me know everything will be ok, and a look with those blue eyes that says " I love you". He is now 6 feet tall, and weighs in around 175. Much has changed in the past 25 years, but he is still that sweet little boy that i will love forever!!

Through Cj's 25 years here on earth he has managed to get in a lot of trouble, make some great friends, graduate high school, go on a 2 year mission to Oaxaca, Mexico, find a great job, and marry the prettiest girl EVER....that's ME!! ha ha JK He truly is a remarkable guy and i am so glad that i am the one who gets to spend the other 3 quarters of his life with him.

Happy 25th Birthday to my AMAZING hubby CJ! i love you so much and even though a quarter of your life is gone, you still have a lot left to live :) ha ha ha what am i saying...what i meant was


xoxo Shalise


Playing Photographer!

As most of you know i work for the BEST photographer ever, so i get to see so many amazing pictures every day. I learn so much from Lindsay just by looking at her pictures. She is sooooo GOOD! So when Kaycee asked me to take some family pictures for her i thought it would be fun to try some things out that i have seen Lindsay do. WOW, it is so much harder than you think, but so much fun at the same time! And it helps that the Dance family is HOTT!! Take a look at my little play photo session and see what you think!! xoxo Shalise