Curbside to go AGAIN :(

Seriously i don't think my poor mom and dad can take anymore :( 2 missionaries and a wedding in a 3 month time span...lol On February 17 we dropped my sister Brooke off to the MTC to start her 18 month mission. She will be in the MTC for 2 weeks and then she is off to Fresno California. Saying goodbye was so hard to brooke. She is my walking buddy and helps me so much with ellie. She is such an amazing person and she is going to a great job on a mission. My mom and I were talking how our family always has a million things at once or nothing.... next summer when my sister and brother are about to come home my other brother will be leaving on a mission!! It's either all or nothing, but it keeps life interesting!!

Brooke's last meal...she chose Wendy's...she is the pickiest eater ever!

{ It's Finally Long enough }

Ellie's hair is finally long enough to do a little ponytail!! WaHoo :) Today when ellie woke up her little hair was a hot mess, because she pulls on it while she sleeps, so i found a little hair band wanting to just try putting it up in a ponytail... it was a success! It makes her look so old...more like a little girl than a little baby. She is growing up so fast...almost 8 months old!