Family Shower!

My cute sister in laws and mother in law threw me my first baby shower last Saturday. It was so much fun to get cute baby gifts and hang out with everybody. It made everything feel so real that i am actually having a baby...WOW that is crazy, I hope that I am ready. I stole these pictures of Kaycee's blog because I was horrible that day and forgot to take ONE picture :( Anyways thanks girls for being so sweet and putting that whole thing together!! I love you mucho!!

My Dancing Diva's!!

For the past 10 months i have been lucky enough to teach dance at Studio 48! Even though getting pregnant in the middle of it all and it making me extremely exhausted, i have loved every minute of it. I taught a 3-4 year old jazz/ballet class, which i LOVED and miss like crazy. 3-4 year old little girls are so funny and even though i had days where i wanted to pull my hair out i had so much fun with my "Babies". I also taught a 7-9 year old cheer class ( my wild girls), a 10-16 year old cheer class ( my mature girls lol), and a 10-16 year old Hip Hop class ( I have to say that this was my most trying class because of all of the different ages and i couldn't teach them moves that i wanted them to do because i was prego :( In the end though it turned out fine).
On May 16th we had our dance recital at Roy High school and i have to say that i was so proud of all of my classes. You get so nervous watching them all, and hoping that they do a good job with the routine that you have taught them. I have loved every minute of teaching and I can't wait to start again in the fall. If you want to get your little girl into dance Studio 48 is the place to go! Dallas Draper does an amazing job with that studio and everything is so professional!! It will be an amazing experience for anyone who takes there!!

My little Miss Piggy!

These aren't the best pictures, but that is all our little piggy would give us today at the doctors. Ellie now weighs 4 pounds 7 oz...and is healthy but she didn't look so happy. She was giving us this SOUR face the whole time. I think we woke her up :( The doctor said that she looks great, so that is good! I had to have the strep B test done today ( YUCK) and then a shot because i tested positive for that RH negative thing...hopefully with this shot i wont have problems getting pregnant again. Besides getting the flu last night, everything is going great and I can't wait to have this baby. Although the more i read about birth the more freaked out i am...lol We will see how it goes!!

Congrats Boo!!

I am so proud of my little sister Bradi! On May 1st she graduated from Weber State with her Bachelors Degree is Social and Family Science! It was so cute to see my little 4 ft 11 in sister walking among all these giants in their robes. We could barley see her because she was so short in the crowd ha ha Bradi graduated with honors and is getting ready to move out to North Carolina to get her Matsers Degree!! She is only 20 years old mind you :O She is so amazing and I am so glad my entire family got to be there to support her and her accomplishment!! Way to go Boo!!

p.s. It was really weird that all the teachers dressed up like they were in a Harry Potter movie... Can't they make them wear desent looking robes!! ha ha

Payden's Graduating!

I was so excited when Cj's aunt Julie asked me to take her son Payden's senior pictures!! I love practicing my "WaNaBee" photography skills, especially since baby Ellie will be here soon and I want to be able to take good pictures of her! We had so much fun at the shoot at Payden is the sweetest kids in the world, and extremly easy to photograph! We are so excited for him to be graduating, that is such an accomplishment and we are very proud of him!! Thanks for letting me take your pictures!!

Prego Pic's :)

Alexa joined me for a picture!! She made that pose up all by herself!! You can tell she loves pictures!! ha ha
So this weekend we were at my grandparents house for a party and my mommy decided to take some fun pictures for me out in the yard!! I am have been so terrible at taking pictures each week but i am going to at least take one for the last 10 weeks!! If i go that long... fingers crossed i go a little early!!

I went to the doctors yesterday so they could check me and baby ellie and both of us look very good! Ellis is weighing in at 4 pounds and I am definitely feeling it in my back and tailbone!! Even though i have a little piggy in my belly i am so glad that she is healthy and that everything looks good so far!! The count down is on and I can't wait to meet this little girl!!

31 weeks and a sneak peek at the belly!!

31 weeks!!

Ok... I know i haven't posted forever but it's because our computer has been broken :( Anyways we took some fun pictures of my belly today and i thought i would put one up to finally show you how BIG I am getting!! I will be posting a ton more soon!!