Isn't she CUTE!! :)

This little monkey is getting soooo BIG!! Ellie is almost 7 weeks old and she is all smiles :) She is getting to be so much fun since she has started to make noises and respond to our smiles with a smile back. She has also started to sleep at least 5 hours straight through the night and taking a nap consistently from 11:00 am - 2:00 pm every day!! Life is getting a lot easier and i finally am ready to whip my butt into shape!!

Balloon Festival!

We had so much fun at the Balloon festival this weekend with Cj's parents up in Eden! The wind was blowing so they had to keep taking some of the balloons down, but over all it was so much fun to see them light up at night!! I couldn't believe how cold it was...it's only AUGUST and it felt like October!! I am not ready for cold weather!! :(

Such a Blessing!

My Little Ellis is such a blessing! We blessed her the first Sunday in August, and Cj gave her such a wonderful blessing....we decided to bless her a little earlier than planned because my sister left to North Carolina today, in September my parents will be in Hawaii, and then my brother leaves for his mission on October...so this was the only time the entire family would be together! Ellie is now 5 weeks old and doing great! She is finally sleeping at least 5 hours in a row and smiling all the time. She is loves her mama very much and we have so much fun together! I finally feel like i am getting the hang of it and i am really enjoying being a MOM!! Life has truly changed for the BETTER!!

We have been married a YEAR!!

Cj and I have been married a whole year! Our first Anniversary was August 7th and it was so much fun! We dropped little Ellie off at my mom's house around 9:00 in the morning and headed out for breakfast...FYI IHOP SUCKS!!! Cj then took me to Lagoon for a fun filled day! I havent been there in so long, and after riding some of those rides i felt like an 80 year old women lol After being there for about 4 hours we decided that we were to tired to keep going..sooo we decided to go home and take a nap! I never thought that on our first Anniversary we would be napping...i thought we would be in bed, but not sleeping ha ha ha that just shows that we are still new to this whole parenting thing! After a nice 2 1/2 hour nap we went to Chili's for dinner and then back to Lagoon to ride some more rides! It was so fun to spend the whole day with Cj, but we both missed Ellie like crazy! I am so thankful for my amazing husband and all his hard work! This past year has been crazy, and having a baby has made it even crazier but it has been the best year! I love you Cj and couldn't ask for a better husband!!