4th of July!

We spent Friday the 4th of July going to the Riverdale parade in the morning and then having a BBQ at my mom's and watched the fireworks with family!

Oakley/Kamas/Park City Vacation!

Over the weekend we were able to go to the Oakley Rodeo for the 4th of July weekend. While we were up there we were able to go to the Kamas swimming pool. Lise and I were able to go up to Bryan's cabin with him and his wife Heidi and we went on a four wheeler ride up to the top of the mountains, it was really fun. Along the way we stopped at a lake to catch salamanders, and then we found a really cool waterfall on an abandoned trail. On the way home me and Lise stopped inPark City to catch lunch and a movie before heading home. It was a great time and below are some pictures from the weekend!

Lise & I in our rodeo hats! Brayden, Jake and I at the Rodeo. Dad and Ronda at the Kamas pool.

Madi & Lise, Jace & I, Meg & Taylor.
Lise & I four wheeling, Bryan & I trying to catch salamanders, A salamander we caught.
Lise & I in front of a waterfall we found four wheeling, Madi, Jake and Brayden, Me and Lise in Park City.


We were very lucky to have Shalise's boss Lindsay Jane do our engagement pictures. We had a lot of fun going to a couple different locations. We were able to get some cool shots out at an abandoned house and some neat pics in downtown Ogden. Check out some of our favorites!

Internationl Peace Gardens

Shalise and I had the opportunity to work with Lindsay Jane and her photographers at Intl Peace Gardens in SLC. Shalise was wearing a beautiful dress with amazing make-up and a wild hair style. We had fun posing for the photographers and working with them. Here are a couple of pictures.