My Belly.My Ellie.& her clothes!!

Look what aunt Karly bought!! We love the JAZZ!

21 weeks!!
Dont mind how crappy i look, i just got back from dance!!
Thats right her name will be ELLIE ANNE KELSON!! Please dont tell us if you don't like it because we really love it and have already started calling her ellie when we talk to her. Cj even has "Ellie Belly" time before we go to bed!! I love it :) i am 21 weeks and really feeling it. I might sound like a pansie but wow i hurt already. My spine aches, and i am having these pains called round ligiment pain in my lower abs and every time i move, cough, pee or stretch i have like mini contractions and they hurt :( I am also sick again with this crappy chest cold and can't seem to loose it!! besides that i have started to feel her little ninja kicks even better. Those little dancer legs are strong!! we have started to enjoy the rush of shopping for cute little girl clothes!! he he ok me a little more than Cj, but he really got into it the other day! We are so excited to have her come that we can hardly stand it!! This month we are going to start working on the room and trying to find a bedspread...any ideas on where to find a cute one? i really want a black and pink one but everything is brown and pink right now so my luck has been low!! any ideas would help!!

It's a......

Proof She is a girl!! Nothing between the legs :)

It's a baby GIRL!!! We were so excited when we went into the doctors today and they were able to tell us the sex of the baby!! We are so lucky to be having a baby and i can't lie but i am so excited to have a little princess!! We also found out that we are furthur along then my old doctor had predicted. i am actually 20 weeks and my new due date is the first of July!! I am going to start shopping NOW ha ha

17 Weeks!

FACT: Fat begins to form under the skin. With reflexes now in place, the baby can suck, swallow, and blink.

I am 17 weeks prego and feeling so much better!! I only feel sick every once and a while and it is usually only when i have over done it. My little baby is kicking away and i felt it from the outside for the first time a few days ago. Cj has felt the baby kick once but every time Cj puts his hand on my belly the little thing gets stage fright and wont kick for him. It is so sad :(

I decided to switch doctors so i go in for my first appointment with my new docotor on Monday and hopefully we can find out the sex of the baby or at least find out a date when we can! I am so excited to find out if it is a boy or a girl!!

The Prairie Schooner

So this weekend Lise and I went to The Prairie Schooner to eat since we received a gift card for Christmas from my parents. My wife is a HUGE STEAK FAN! She can eat more steak than I can! But of course, she's eating for two lol, our baby is going to be steak hungry! We had a good time and had a free meal! =) It was fun to go out and spend time together.