Ahhh Jake!!

Ahhhh...Jacob Black is sooo Hott!! Whoa baby! I was lucky enough to see "New Moon" twice within 8 hours :) I first saw it Thursday night with my mom and some of her friends, then me and my mom saw it again with my sister, aunts, cousins, and grandma Friday morning! It was so much fun and i loved the movie! Of course it was a little cheesy and Bella's acting can be a little over dramatic at times, but that's what you expect and that's why we love it! It was so funny because when we saw the movie the second time the theater was filled with girls young and old, and every time Jacob would take off his shirt you wold hear screams, sighs, and hearts jumping out of their chests and onto the floor ( mine was one of them :) ) Good times! Good Times!

MmmMmMmmm.......Butternut Squash!!

Ellie has started eating baby food! It makes me sad that she is already big enough to be eating baby food, where does the time go? The doctor told us to start with orange baby food that is a vegetable...so we started with butternut squash! She didn't like it at first but she has really grown to love it...this week we tried BANANAS and she really really loves those! So for breakfast she gets bananas and for dinner she get squash! I didn't realize though how time consuming and messy baby food is compared to a bottle though! I love my little monkey!

4 month STATS!!

Ellie is 4 months old!! We just went to the doctors to get all of her immunizations :( It was terrible. She was so happy at the doctors office and she loved hearing the sound of the paper crinkling when she would kick her legs all over the place! Then those nurses came in and stabbed my little girl....her legs were so sore after and bruised! She gave me a look of hate as she cried in my arms after. I hate that they have to stick those needles in her legs. Are we not advanced enough to give immunizations in ice cream or something! Other then the pain the doctors office was a success, Ellie is healthy and growing like crazy!

4 month STATS!
Weight : 12 pounds 8 oz (30 %)
Height : 25 1/2 inches long (90%)
Head : 16 inches (50%)