sNeAk PeAk

On Thursday me and cj went up to Park City to be the models for the new Lindsay Jane girls that were in training!! I thought that we could get a nice picture for our Christmas cards ( and i think we still will) but it ended up raining the entire shoot :( it was so cold but those poor girls just kept on shooting!! I have only seen a few pictures and i was dying to post some! So here is a sneak peak at our Christmas card/freezing photo shoot!!

3 Months Married....3 yrs 6 months together!

We have been married 3 months today!! WoW!!! It feels like we have been married for years!! That was such a fun day and i am so glad that i have the coolest pictures to remember it! (thanks Linds) I love being married, besides the sharing the bed part, Cj really crowds me at night!! ha ha Love you babe!!

The Top 5 things i love about being married!
1. Going to bed earlier
2. Cj cleaning the house
3. Cj cooking dinner
4. SEX
5. Having Cj for an ETERNITY!!
It sounds like i married the perfect man!!

-I do have to agree, it seems like years but thats cause we dated for 3 Years haha, and I think throughout that time we spent every minute together and we still do =) By the way, you are the crowdy one, sleeping diagnol doesn't help whatsoever! lol. I love you so much sweetie and I appreciate all your support and love!

Top 5 reasons i love being married!!
1-Being able to come home to my beautiful wife!
2-Cuddling with Lise while watching tv/movie or before bed!
3-Not having to take Lise home at night! lol.
4-Having my best friend always available to talk to and be there for me.
5-Being a family, and the thought of raising children together =) I love you babe!


This Halloween was so much fun! We went over to to Kari's house to go trick-or-treating with the kids and i have to say that it made Cj baby crazy!! It really made him want his own little monster to take around...maybe next year :) Megan was super woman, Tayler was Hannah Montana, and baby jace was the cutest little monkey!! Jake was a Ninja and Madi was a Gorilla...Brado is at the age where he is too cool to dress up, but he still was a sweet big brother and came trick-or-treating with his brothers and sister!!
We then went to my grandma's where we always have home made chicken noodle soup, chili, breaksticks, and wassle...It was really weird this year because all of my brothers and sisters are too old to go out and trick or treat. It made me feel so freakin old... :( It was so great to see all of my family. I have the funnest aunts and i love all my little cousins!! Halloween was a blast but i have to agree with Cj i want my own little monster to dress up and take trick or treating!!!