15 Weeks!

I am 15 weeks pregnant!! WaHoo!! It seems like it is going by so slow but then so fast at the same time! I am finally getting over the throwing up and feeling yucky all the time. I am recently recovering from a severe case of Bronchitis :( and every now and then i spike extremely high fevers and my body hurts so bad that i just lay in the tub and cry!! The bathtub has become my new best friend that i see at least 2 times a day, if not more!! ha ha

Cj has been so wonderful with taking care of me along with my mommy...although Cj almost had to sleep on the couch one night because my coughing was so so bad that he couldn't get to sleep! sorry love :( Over all pregnancy has been tough and I am just sick of being SICK, but i know it is for a good reason so hopefully it gets better!

There are some nice things about being pregnant , like my boobs are the best they have ever looked!! ha ha and i can eat what I want and nobody can really say anything. But the best thing so far has to be when i felt the little baby kick the other night. I have been feeling little nudges and pokes but wasn't sure if that was the baby or not but then the other day i felt a kick that i knew was from him or her!! It was the best feeling ever!! I cant wait to start feeling more!!

p.s. these pictures are not of my baby, i just got them off the internet...this is what it is supposed to look like though :)

Christmas/New Year

Lise and I had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. We had so much fun spending time together and with friends and family! We had New Years at my sister Kari's and had a blast playing boxers and briefs and their new Wii. We had a ton of fun parties for Christmas with friends and family. We also celebrated my sis Kari's birthday and Lise's bro Zach's birthday on December 27th. Here are some pictures of our fun Holiday parties.

Lise and her tickets to Body Worlds!

My cd's and new shirts!