Fresno, California!

My little sister is going to be leaving on her mission on February 17 and is headed to Fresno, California. I am going to miss her so much but i know she is going to have an amazing time serving the lord. Here is one of the pictures from her missionary photo shoot....more to come!

{ My Piano Playing Princess }

Ellie has the hands of a piano player, so today while i was at my mom's house I decided to try them out! Ellie pounded out a beautiful melody as she slammed her hands on the keys of the piano...ha ha she managed to mumble out some lyrics as well...along with some drool and left over lunch! ha ha i love this little girl!

{Ellie @ 6 months}

It's official, Little Miss Ellie is 6 months old! Wow, how the time flies....She is doing so many fun things and i love the age that she is at right now! As you can see she is now sitting up all by herself...eating 2 full jars of baby food a day...laughing like crazy...cries when i leave the room...smiles when daddy get's home from work...rolls over in the middle of the night to sleep on her side...spits out her peas because they are gross...splashes in the tub...throws fits...loves the phone...takes naps regularly :)....and so many more things! I feel so lucky to be the mommy of such a happy baby.

Ellie just went to get her 6 month check up and i have to tell you that i am so proud of my little monkey!! She is right on with all her skills and growing like a weed, even though the doctor said he wished she would eat a little more. She has severe allergy's but is at the age where we can give her medicine...THANK GOODNESS! Last time she got her shots she cried so hard for quit awhile, but this time my big girl let out a little squeal....let tears stream down her face...and STOPPED!! seriously she didn't even cry...she was ready to play with her toy as soon as she saw it. What a tough cookie! I am so blessed to have a healthy baby! I love you ellie belly and these past six months have been perfect!

Christmas Morning!

Ellie had a great first Christmas and was a little more spoiled than i thought! Ellie woke up around 9:00 in the morning and ready to open some presents! As we took her downstairs, with camera and camcorder in hand the first thing she got to play with was her new Star Bright play area. She loved it and didn't want to stop playing to open more presents :) She got a million clothes and a bunch of fun new toys to play with! Cj and I had a blast watching her open her presents....probably more fun then ellie! She ended up playing so hard with her play area she fell asleep underneath it! 2009 Christmas was a success!

Christmas Eve!

Christmas Eve was a BLAST! We started the day by going over to Cj's sisters house for breakfast and open presents with his Dad's side of the family. It is so fun to be with all the kids and watch as they open their presents from grandma and grandpa...Ellie got these fun keys that sing to her when she pushes the button, she loves them! After that we went to grab a few family pictures since Bradi and Corey would be leaving and never to return :( Once pictures were finished we headed to my grandma's house where my entire family was waiting to eat some of my grandma shelba's AMAZING food..yum!! After a nice dinner i was privileged enough to help the Big Jolly Guy A.K.A ( Santa...A.K.A my Daddy) get ready to bring presents to all the little children! My dad was perfect for the role of Santa, and he loved doing it. All of the kids ( Besides Kade) thought santa was a Hit...they all knew it was unlce Jeff though...My little cousin Alexa Said " That's not the real Santa, that's Jeff...that Santa has Jeff's hands." ha ha Kids are so funny, they knew it wasn't santa by my dad's hands :) After santa came and delivered gifts we talked and played games and then went home to await Christmas morning! It was such a fun filled day and i am so glad i got to spend it with my family!