It's Official!

This is the scary picture but i still think it is adorable!! ( if you have seen Nacho Libre me and Cj think it looks like the baby is wearing a luchador mask like nacho ha ha )

My Baby's legs and bum!!

The baby is waving to you!!

Yes it's true, me and cj are having a baby!! We are so excited and can't wait for the next 6 months to fly by so we can meet our sweet little baby. It came as a little shock when we found out that we were having a baby but we are so happy that it happened and wouldn't change it for anything! We have already heard the heart beat and had the first ultrasound. It was such an amazing experience to see my little baby moving around in my belly. It must have been drinking a red bull because it was kicking and moving it's arms like crazy. The doctor told me that's what could be causing me to be really sick on top of the beautiful morning sickness!! I cant wait to find out if it's a boy or girl so i can start shopping for all the fun things!! WE ARE SO EXCITED!! :)

Friend Christmas Party

Lise and I had a great time with her friends at an Ugly sweater Christmas party over the weekend. We had a great time hanging out, playing Wii, talking, playing games, and trading white elephant gifts. It was fun to see Lise get together with all her friends and just have a fun time catching up. I personally had a great time dressing up in my sexy vest with my Christmas tie. I am now addicted to the Wii air hockey game, it was so much fun! I love Christmas parties and getting together with friends and family! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas this week and a wonderful New Year!

White Elephant!!

This was our White Elephant gift at Cj's family Christmas party! I got the idea from two of my friends at our Christmas work party ( thanks Megan and Harmony) and i have to say that it was a big hit! I even framed it and had Cj sign it.........it read " Think of me often xoxo Clint Kelson". ha ha It was so much fun watching the gift go round and round and watching as people got excited when it came to them becasue it was wrapped so beautifully and it did look like a great gift. In the end Cj's cousins wife Trystin got it and laughed so hard as she opend up this HOTT, STEAMY picture of my husband!! By the way he really looks like this underneath his clothes!! It was such a fun party and i am so glad that we got a good laugh at Cj's expense!! ha ha

Nothing Like the Holidays!

So last night me and Lise decided to go to the movies. We saw Nothing like the Holidays. It was a really funny Christmas movie, had a great story and we found it very entertaining! It was fun to go out on Monday night to catch a movie, I dont know that we ever have before. I cant believe that Christmas is just next Thursday, its come so fast, I wish that we had another month before Christmas! We've had a fun time catching up on Christmas movies though, we still have more to watch but so far we've seen Home Alone 1 & 2, Santa Clause 1 & 2, The Holiday, Nothing like the Holidays, and Elf, and of course we'll be watching Christmas Vacation, How the Grinch Stole Christmas and some others! We hope you all have a great Christmas this year and enjoy the snow! We'll have to do some sledding =)

Disco Baby!!

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Yee HaW!! Merry Christmas Y'all!!

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Ha Ha Ha

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OuR Dr. SuEsS ChRiStMaS TrEe!

So a couple of weeks ago Lise and I decided to put our Christmas Tree up early this year since we both love Christmas. We had a good time putting up our tree and decorating. We're planning to do 25 days of Christmas, doing some kind of Christmas activity, whether going to Temple Square, decorating cookies, watching Christmas movies, donating to charity, Christmas parties and being with family! We're so excited for this Christmas, our first living together!
Merry Christmas!! Ho Ho Ho!