Birthday Shoot

Check out the fun photo shoot i did for my nephew for his birthday!

p.s. i will be making the blog private the first of next week so if you haven't given me your email hurry and do so!

Going Private!

That's right i am finally making our blog private...after much thought and a few weird things i have decided that it is time! if you want to keep up with the kelson's just leave your email in the comments or email me at shalisepetersen@hotmail.com!

Thanks :)

{ My modeling monkey }

Seriously i love this monkey so much and i can't stop taking pictures of her! The other day the skies were so blue that i grabbed my camera and dressed up my little model to grab some fun little pictures! She is getting to the point where she gets sick of taking pictures so she will ignore me no matter how hard i clap my hands or whistle..lol Here are a few of the fun pictures we captured. The wind started blowing really hard towards the end and i thought little ellie was going to be picked right up!! She loved it :)