{ It's been too long }

Wow!! It has been way to long since my last post and so many things have changed!! Life is so crazy busy that i can barley keep up { hence no posting since MAY} My photography business has really picked up and I couldn't be more thankful for the wonderful opportunities it has provided for me. I am also still crazy busy teaching dance and loving every minute of it... we are headed to California to compete in April so the studio is a little bit of a mad house!

As for my beautiful family we are growing and changing non stop. Ellie is now 17 months old and basically runs the place. She is addicted to gummy snacks and is talking non stop. She loves to dance and will drag me to the radio just to get her groove on... i love it and can't wait for her to start dance in the summer :) Cj is busy with work and providing for the family. I am so lucky to have someone who works as hard as he does! Hopefully you will be seeing more posts and catching up with the kelsons, but until then love ya!